The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens
Author: Gina Biegel

"In The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens, a psychotherapist specializing in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) shows overwhelmed and stressed-out teen readers how mindfulness skills can help them relax, prioritize, and keep calm during stressful times."

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Edge of the Map : the Mountain Life of Christine Boskoff
Author: Johanna Garton

Monday, October 12th - 9:00 AM

Edge of the Map is equal parts inspiring, dramatic, and heartbreaking. One of America's greatest high altitude mountaineers, Christine Boskoff was at the top of her career when she and her partner died in an avalanche in 2006. Charismatic, principled, and humble, Boskoff was also a deeply loved role model to her climbing partners and the Sherpa community. 

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Apple in the Middle
Author: Dawn Quigley

"Apple Starkington turned her back on her Native American heritage the moment she was called a racial slur for someone of white and Indian descent, not that she really even knew how to be an Indian. Too bad the white world doesn't accept her either. And so begins her quirky habits to gain acceptance. Apple's name, chosen by her Indian mother on her deathbed, has a double meaning: treasured apple of my eye, but also the negative connotation-a person who is red, or Indian, on the outside, but white on the inside.After her wealthy father gives her the boot one summer, Apple reluctantly agrees to visit her Native American relatives on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in North Dakota for the first time. Apple learns to deal with the culture shock of Indian customs and the Native Michif language, while she tries to deal with a vengeful Indian man who loved her mother in high school but now hates Apple because her mom married a white man.As Apple meets her Indian relatives, she shatters Indian stereotypes and learns what it means to find her place in a world divided by color."

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The Familiar Dark
Author: Amy Engel

Monday, October 12th - 10:30am

"A spellbinding story of a mother with nothing left to lose who sets out on an all-consuming quest for justice after her daughter is murdered on the town playground. Sometimes the answers are worse than the questions. Sometimes it's better not to know. Set in the poorest part of the Missouri Ozarks, in a small-town with big secrets, The Familiar Dark opens with a murder in the town's playground." -- Provided by publisher.

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Ridge Stories: Herding Hens, Powdering Pigs, and Other Recollections from a Boyhood in the Driftless
Author: Gary Jones

Monday, October 12 - 12:00pm

Raised on a small dairy farm high in the hills of Wisconsin's Driftless Area, Gary Jones gets real about his rural roots. In this collection of interrelated stories, Jones writes with plainspoken warmth and irreverence about farm, family, and folks on the ridge-from uncooperative livestock to politically incorrect relatives, from the indignity of bathing in a galvanized washtub on the kitchen floor to the surprising advantages of oversized overalls. Alternately humorous and stirring, Jones's essays paint a vivid picture of life on a windy hilltop farm that will entertain city and country folk alike.

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Creative Care : a Revolutionary Approach to Dementia and Elder Care
Author: Anne Davis Basting

Monday, October 12th - 1:30pm

A MacArthur Genius Grant recipient pioneers a radical change in how we interact with older loved ones, especially those experiencing dementia, as she introduces a proven method that uses the creative arts to bring light and joy to the lives of elders. In Creative Care, Anne Basting lays the groundwork for a widespread transformation in our approach to elder care and uses compelling, touching stories to inspire and guide us all-family, friends, and health professionals-in how to connect and interact with those living with dementia.

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A Call to Conscience: The Landmark Speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Adult nonfiction e-audiobook. "A Call to Conscience" is a milestone collection of Dr. King's most influential and best-known speeches. Compiled by Stanford historian Dr. Clayborne Carson, director of the King Papers Project, and by contributing editor Kris Shepard, this volume takes you behind the scenes on an astonishing historical journey -- from the small, crowded church in Montgomery, Alabama, where "The birth of a new nation" ignited the modern civil rights movement; to the center of the nation's capital, where "I have a dream" echoed through a nation's conscience; to the Mason Temple in Memphis, where over ten thousand people heard Dr. King give his last, transcendent speech, "I've been to the mountaintop," the night before his assassination. Age: Adult

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ASVAB 2017-2018: Strategies, Practice and Review

"Includes discussion on the ASVAB, AFQT, CAT-ASVAB, 3 practice ASVAB tests, 95 practice questions with explanations, and more."

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Black enough : stories of being young & black in America

Black is urban and rural, wealthy and poor, mixed race, immigrants, and more--because there are countless way to be Black enough. Edited by National Book Award finalist Ibi Zoboi and featuring some of the most acclaimed, bestselling Black authors writing for teens today, this is an essential collection of captivating coming-of-age stories about what it's like to be young and Black in America.

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Clifford the Big Red Dog. Dog Days of Summer

Every summer day, Clifford sets out on fun-filled adventures with his friends and learns big lessons about friendship, loyalty, and other ways to be big!

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Genealogy standards

Accuracy is fundamental to genealogical research. Without it, a family's history would be fiction. This manual presents the standards family historians use to obtain valid results. These standards apply to all genealogical research, whether shared privately or published. They also apply to personal research and research for clients, courts, and other employers. The standards address documentation; research planning and execution, including reasoning from evidence; compiling research results; genealogical education; and ongoing development of genealogical knowledge and skills. BCG offers these standards to the field as a guide to sound genealogical research and a way to assess the research outcomes that genealogists produce. They are standards for anyone who seeks to research and portray accurately people's lives, relationships, and histories.

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Historical atlas of Wisconsin : embracing complete state and county maps, city & village plats, together with separate state and county histories : also special articles on the geology, education, agriculture, and other important interests of the state

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It gets better : coming out, overcoming bullying, and creating a life worth living

A collection of original essays and expanded testimonials written to teens from celebrities, political leaders, and everyday people, because while many of LGBT teens can't see a positive future for themselves, we can. Including contributions from: Ellen DeGeneres, David Sedaris, Tim Gunn, Michael Cunningham, and many more.

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Outagamie county, Wisconsin, directory : including Appleton, Combined Locks, Kaukauna, Kimberly & Little Chute

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Standard atlas of Outagamie County, Wisconsin : including a plat book of the villages, cities and townships of the county ...

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The Official ACT Prep Guide 2019-2020

"Publisher Comments: The only guide from the makers of the ACT exam, packed with 5 genuine, full-length practice tests and 400 additional questions online This new edition includes: A NEW never-before-seen, full-length practice test with optional writing test (215 questions) 400 online questions that can be filtered and organized into custom practice sets Updated writing prompts and directions Real ACT test forms used in previous years The Official ACT Prep Guide 2019-2020 is the only guide from the makers of the exam and includes actual ACT test forms taken from past ACT exams. This updated edition includes 5 actual ACT tests (all with optional writing test) to help you practice at your own pace and discover areas where you may need more work. The Official ACT Prep Guide 2019-2020 provides detailed explanations for every answer and practical tips on how to boost your score on the English, math, reading, science, and optional writing tests. You'll also get access to special online bonus content developed with the test taking experience in mind: Practice with 400 additional test questions that can be organized, filtered, and tracked for performance Take a closer look at test day, learn what to expect, and get familiar with the test-taking strategies that are right for you The Official ACT Prep Guide 2019-2020 is your definitive guide to getting ready for the ACT and feeling confident and comfortable on test day."

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The Princeton Review: Cracking the ACT

"Provides up-to-date content review for every section of the exam, including the reading and writing sections, along with test-taking tips, strategies, and full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations."

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This bridge called my back : writings by radical women of color

"Through personal essays, criticism, interviews, testimonials, poetry, and visual art, thiscollection expores, as coeditor Cherrie Moraga writes, 'the complex confluence of identities--race, class, gender, sexuality--systemic to women of color oppression and liberation'" --Backcover.

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This bridge called my back : writings by radical women of color

Through personal essays, criticism, interviews, testimonials, poetry, and visual art, this collection expores, as coeditor Cherrie Moraga writes, 'the complex confluence of identities--race, class, gender, sexuality--systemic to women of color oppression and liberation.

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Wisconsin necrology [microform]

Microfilm. Madison, Wis. : State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 198-? 8 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.

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Wisconsin volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865, arranged alphabetically

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This would make a good story someday
Author: Dana Levy

Although not thrilled when her summer plans are upended for a surprise cross-country train trip with her family and embarrassed because one of her moms is writing a tell-all book about the trip, twelve-year-old Sara Johnston-Fischer finds herself changing along with the landscape outside the train windows.
For ages 9-13

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The Recess Queen
Author: Alexis O'Neill

Mean Jean is the biggest bully on the school playground until a new girl arrives and challenges Jean's status as the Recess Queen. For ages 5-8

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Do Not Lick This Book
Author: Iden Ben-Barak

Min is a microbe. She is small. Very small. In fact, so small that you'd need to look through a microscope to see her. Or you can simply open this book and take Min on an adventure to amazing places she's never seen before -- like the icy glaciers of your tooth or the twisted, tangled jungle of your shirt.

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Ivy Aberdeen's letter to the world
Author: Ashley Herring Blake

Twelve-year-old Ivy Aberdeen's house is destroyed in a tornado, and in the aftermath of the storm, she begins to develop feelings for another girl at school For ages 8-13

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Jacob's room to choose
Author: Sarah Hoffman

After Jacob and Sophie are prevented from using their school's bathrooms, their teacher helps her students write new rules about who can use which bathroom.

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Can I Touch Your Hair?: Poems of Race, Mistakes, and Friendship
Author: Irene Latham

Child Nonfiction:

Irene Latham, who is white, and Charles Waters, who is black, present paired poems about topics including family dinners, sports, recess, and much more. This relatable collection explores different experiences of race in America.

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book cover for ISBN0399257047
Author: Patricia Polacco

Sixth-grade friends Lyla and Jamie, both new to their school, stand up for each other when a clique of popular girls bullies them online. For ages 7-10

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Stonewall: A Building, an Uprising, a Revolution
Author: Rob Sanders

Narrated by the Stonewall Inn itself, this accessible and empowering book is an essential piece of pride history.
For ages 5 – 8

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book cover for ISBN9780316025263
Into the Beautiful North
Author: Luis Alberto Urrea

Nineteen-year-old Nayeli works at a taco shop in her Mexican village and dreams about her father, who journeyed to the US to find work. Recently, it has dawned on her that he isn't the only man who has left town. In fact, there are almost no men in the village—they've all gone north. While watching The Magnificent Seven, Nayeli decides to go north herself and recruit seven men—her own "Siete Magníficos"—to repopulate her hometown and protect it from the bandidos who plan on taking it over. Filled with unforgettable characters and prose as radiant as the Sinaloan sun, INTO THE BEAUTIFUL NORTH is the story of an irresistible young woman's quest to find herself on both sides of the fence.

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book cover for ISBN1931016100
Nine-in-one, Grr! Grr!
Author: Blia Xiong

Child nonfiction book. Text in Hmong and English. Alternate title: Cuban tug-ib-xyoos, Mlaug! Mlaug. When the great god Shao promises Tiger nine cubs each year, Bird comes up with a clever trick to prevent the land from being overrun by tigers. Age: 5-8.

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book cover for ISBN0803760892
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears: A West African Tale
Author: Verna Aardema

Child picture book. Reveals the meaning of the mosquito's buzz. Age: 5-8.

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book cover for ISBN9781532125454
Author: Kenny Abdo

"This title focuses on talented singer/songwriter Khalid. This book looks into his early life, his time in the spotlight, and the legacy he will leave behind. This hi-lo title is complete with dazzling photographs, simple text, glossary, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards"--publisher.

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book cover for ISBN9780316555388
Becoming Kareem: Growing Up On and Off the Court
Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Child Nonfiction:

"An autobiography about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his life growing up in New York, becoming the basketball star he's known to be, and getting involved in the world around him as an activist for social change"- publisher.

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book cover for ISBN1618931717
Writings on the Wall : Searching for a New Equality Beyond Black and White
Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Adult nonfiction book. Traces the evolution of the author's views on social justice, from his youth in the civil rights era to his current role as a cultural commentator on topics ranging from race and economic inequality to music and the influence of the media. Age: Adult.

Where to Find:
book cover for ISBN0872867382
Have Black Lives Ever Mattered?
Author: Mumia Abu-Jamal

Adult nonfiction book. 'This collection of short meditations, written from a prison cell, captures the past two decades of police violence that gave rise to Black Lives Matter while digging deeply into the history of the United States. This is the book we need right now to find our bearings in the chaos'--Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, author of An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States. Age: Adult.

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Clap When You Land
Author: Elizabeth Acevedo

"Camino Rios lives for the summers when her father visits her in the Dominican Republic. But this time, on the day when his plane is supposed to land, Camino arrives at the airport to see crowds of crying people. In New York City, Yahaira Rios is called to the principal's office, where her mother is waiting to tell her that her father, her hero, has died in a plane crash. Separated by distance--and Papi's secrets--the two girls are forced to face a new reality in which their father is dead and their lives are forever altered. And then, when it seems like they've lost everything of their father, they learn of each other." Other books by Elizabeth, "The Poet X," "With The Fire on High."

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The New David Espinoza
Author: Fred Aceves

"This own voices story from the acclaimed author of The Closest I've Come unflinchingly examines steroid abuse and male body dysmorphia. Perfect for fans of Jason Reynolds and Matt De La Peña. David Espinoza is tired of being messed with. When a video of him getting knocked down by a bully's slap goes viral at the end of junior year, David vows to use the summer to bulk up- do what it takes to become a man-and wow everyone when school starts again the fall. Soon David is spending all his time and money at Iron Life, a nearby gym that's full of bodybuilders. Frustrated with his slow progress, his life eventually becomes all about his muscle gains. As it says on the Iron Life wall, What does not kill me makes me stronger. As David falls into the dark side of the bodybuilding world, pursuing his ideal body at all costs, he'll have to grapple with the fact that it could actually cost him everything."

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book cover for ISBN9780689315176
My name is María Isabel
Author: Alma Ada

Third grader Maria Isabel, born in Puerto Rico and now living in the U.S., wants badly to fit in at school; and the teacher's writing assignment "My Greatest Wish" gives her that opportunity.

Where to Find:
book cover for ISBN9780307271082
Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The story of two Nigerians making their way in the U.S. and the UK, raising universal questions of race and belonging, the overseas experience for the African diaspora, and the search for identity and a home. Ifemelu and Obinze are young and in love when they depart military-ruled Nigeria for the West. Beautiful, self-assured Ifemelu heads for America, where despite her academic success, she is forced to grapple with what it means to be black for the first time. Quiet, thoughtful Obinze had hoped to join her, but with post-9/11 America closed to him, he instead plunges into a dangerous, undocumented life in London. Fifteen years later, they reunite in a newly democratic Nigeria, and reignite their passion—for each other and for their homeland.

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book cover for ISBN9781489625915
Survival in the City
Author: Frances Adlam

  • Max Stone and Ruby Jones are in the final round of the contest TV show, "The brain." In the last challenge, contestants are separated from their partners and must reunite with them then race across the city to the finish line. Will Max and Ruby win? Available in AV2 format 
  • Note: "AV2 works with all interactive whiteboards"--publisher. 

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book cover for ISBN9781489625854
Survival of the Funkiest
Author: Frances Adlam

  • Max Stone and Ruby Jones have made it to the second round of competition on "The brain" television show. But now they have to come up with a song-and-dance routine to perform in front of everyone. Will they be able to pull it off?  Available in AV2 format.
  • Note: "AV2 works with all interactive whiteboards"--publisher.

Where to Find:
book cover for ISBN9781489625885
Survival on Adventure Island
Author: Frances Adlam

  • This time "The brain" TV show sends Max Stone and Ruby Jones to Adventure Island for a survival contest. What will they find to eat and drink? And can they make it to the waterfall before their competition: super-duper athletes Zelda and Levi?  Available in AV2 format.
  • Note: "AV2 works with all interactive whiteboards"--publisher.

Where to Find:
book cover for ISBN9781489625823
Survival on the Brain
Author: Frances Adlam

Max Stone hates school because he never does anything right. But when a substitute teacher takes over class for a day, he tells the students they will be competing to appear on "The brain," a new TV show. Max and his buddy Ruby team up--but do they stand any chance against the brainiest kids in class?

  • Note: "AV2 works with all interactive whiteboards"--publisher.

Where to Find:
book cover for ISBN9781416953449
I Lived on Butterfly Hill
Author: Marjorie Agosin

When her beloved country, Chile, is taken over by a militaristic, sadistic government, Celeste is sent to America for her safety and her parents must go into hiding before they "disappear."

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book cover for ISBN9781523502059
Belong: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life
Author: Radha Agrawal

How is it that the internet connects us to a world of people, yet so many of us feel more isolated than ever? That we have hundreds, even thousands of friends on social media, but not a single person to truly confide in? Radha Agrawal calls this “community confusion,” and in Belong she offers every reader a blueprint to find their people and build and nurture community, because connectedness—as more and more studies show—is our key to happiness, fulfillment, and success.

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The Everything I Have Lost
Author: Sylvia Aguilar Zeleny

"Julia keeps lists--lists of everything she loses. Eventually those lists include her dad and her home. Writing in her diary keeps her going but she'll need more than that to find the truth."

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book cover for ISBN0606153764
Author: Allan Ahlberg

The adventures of various nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters are retold in backward sequence with each tale interrelated to the other. Includes: Goldilocks, Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack and Jill, the Frog Prince, Cinderella, and the Gingerbread Man.

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book cover for ISBN9780545443524
Starring Jules (as Herself)
Author: Beth Levine Ain

Jules is an ordinary seven-year-old girl, concerned with school and friends and other ordinary things--until a chance meeting with a casting director leads to an audition for a television commercial.

Book 1, Starring Jules series

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Seven Deadly Shadows
Author: Courtney Alameda

"Seventeen-year-old Kira Fujikawa has never had it easy. She’s bullied by the popular girls in school. Her parents ignore her. And she’s also plagued with a secret: She can see yokai, the ghosts and demons that haunt the streets of Kyoto. But things accelerate from bad to worse when she learns that Shuten-doji, the demon king, will rise at the next blood moon to hunt down an ancient relic and bring the world to a catastrophic end. Not exactly skilled at fighting anything, much less the dead, Kira enlists the aid of seven powerful death gods to help her slay Shuten-doji. They include Shiro, a kitsune with boy-band looks who is more flirtatious than helpful, and O-bei, a regal demon courtier with reasons of her own for getting involved. As the confrontation with Shuten-doji draws nearer, the fate of Japan hangs in the balance. Can Kira save humankind? Or will the demon king succeed in bringing eternal darkness upon the world?"

Where to Find: