What's Simmering

New Library Catalog coming in August!

In mid-August, InfoSoup will be switching to a new catalog system. Please see your New Catgalog FAQ page for details.erials. This is just the first step in our plan to update and improve InfoSoup for years to come.

Updates on Library Service

Update about placing holds (6/25/2020): The place a hold button is back!  InfoSoup users can now place holds and request items from their own library and from other InfoSoup libraries. Due to limited transit between libraries, users will be limited to placing 10 holds. Users who already have more than 10 holds will not lose these holds. Please also note that due to changes in how holds are delivered, InfoSoup can no longer display your position in a holds queue.

Update about returned items (6/12/2020: Due to quarantine of materials you may receive an overdue notice for a returned item if a due date passes while the item is in quarantine. Please disregard these notices. All items will be backdated to the date they were returned and no fines assessed due to quarantining. Please wait at least 3 days before contacting your library about returned material. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Update about limited deliver service: We have begun limited transit between libraries filling existing holds. The request/hold button in InfoSoup is still suppressed while we work through the backlog of old holds. Other than for existing holds, items are still currently only available at the owning library. Status changed on 6/25/2020.

Update - 6/3/2020

Some InfoSoup Libraries are opening on a limited basis. Please contact you local library to learn more.

Many InfoSoup libraries are offering curbside pick-up and some libraries are looking to open soon by appointment. Since delivery service has not been reinstated between libraries, materials are limited to what is currently available at each location. While you can still see what your local library has available by searching InfoSoup, the ability to request material and place holds has been temporarily removed from the InfoSoup catalog.

Pick-up service is by appointment only and will vary by library. Please contact your local library to learn if/when curbside pick-up service will be available and how to request and pick up materials.


Apply for a Library Card Online

Note: If you have forgotten your PIN (and your library account has a current email address listed) you can reset your PIN at: https://www.infosoup.org/pinreset. If the PIN reset doesn't work, please email newcard@infosoup.org for assistance.

InfoSoup digital services are open to you even while we are closed. If you don't have a library card with us, sign up online for an InfoSoup Library card and library staff will contact you as soon as possible with a temporary library card number and PIN that will give you access to all the InfoSoup digital resources. If you have a card but don't know your library card number or cannot reset your PIN, or if you get a Registration error, please contact newcard@infosoup.org for assistance.

From InfoSoup , you can access:

  • Wisconsin's Digital Library - OverDrive Collections or downloadable ebooks and audiobooks
  • RB Digital Audiobooks – over 900 audiobooks, most available without any wait.
  • RB Digital Magazines – over 100 popular digitized magazines
  • TumbleBook Library – ebooks for kids
  • Ancestry Library, HeritageQuest and Newspaper Archives for genealogy research
  • Learn more at: https://infosoup.info/digital

To register for a card:

  1. Complete the online application at: https://www.infosoup.org/selfreg
  2. Enter a valid email address and phone number when registering online. This is how we will contact you.
  3. As soon as possible, library staff will contact you with your library card number and PIN so you can access our online resources.

Once the Library opens again you can stop in with your identification and we will give you your new card.

Covid-19 Update

All InfoSoup Libraries are now closed. 

In an effort to decrease the spread of the COVID-19, the following steps have been enacted:

  • Starting March 18th, all deliveries between libraries have been canceled
  • Holds will not be filled during this time. Items currently on the hold shelf for you will remain there until your library reopens. If you do get an automated email message about picking up a hold or about an overdue item, please ignore it.
  • Holds may still be placed during this time, though they will not be filled.
  • ALL MATERIALS HAVE BEEN GIVEN AN EXTENDED DUE DATE; no items will be due at this time and no fines should accrue. If a fine does accrue by mistake, the fine will be waived by the library.
  • PLEASE KEEP ALL LIBRARY MATERIALS AT HOME until we resume services.

Online Services Available

While libraries are closed, please take advantage of our online materials. Online resources include Wisconsin's Digital Library (OverDrive eBooks & Audiobooks), RB Digital Audiobooks and Magazines, and TumbleBooks Library.  For OverDrive materials, we recommend the Libby app for use on your mobile device.

While Wisconsin's Digital Library is the largest collection of eBooks and Audiobooks, it is also the most popular and waiting lists for some items can be long. Most of our other collections, however, have no waiting list for items. Learn more at:

InfoSoup Libraries Closed: Please check your library's website and facebook pages for the latest updates.

PEN America Literary Awards

Since 1963, the PEN America Literary Awards have honored many of the most outstanding voices in literature across diverse genres. 2020 Winners were announced at a ceremony on March 2. Check out our PEN Literary Awards booklist to find some of the 2020 Winners and finalists in InfoSoup. The top prize, the PEN/Jean Stein Book Award, "recognizes a book-length work of any genre for its originality, merit, and impact, which has broken new ground by reshaping the boundaries of its form and signaling strong potential for lasting influence. To view all the award categories and to learn more, visit the PEN America Literary Awards page.

March Fourth and Be Counted

Your response matters. The 2020 Census is right around the corner and getting a complete and accurate count requires everyone’s help. From health clinics, fire departments and schools to even roads and highways, the census will shape many different aspects of our communities. Tune into your local news station on March 4th to learn how to march forth and be counted.

See our Census page for to learn more »