Help Us Build Better Libraries

Over the past year, libraries stepped up and quickly adapted to the challenges of the time by offering curbside deliveries, virtual classes and programs, expanded Wi-Fi outside the building, outdoor story walks and a laptop lending program.

Libraries serve as an important institution in Wisconsin communities, empowering people of all ages to explore the world through books, digital access and programs that spark curiosity, knowledge and imagination. But even though our libraries serve such a critical role in our community, federal funding for renovation, repair or new construction stopped in 1997. 

Now that Congress is reviewing a new infrastructure proposal, it is time to include libraries with the bipartisan Build America’s Libraries Act. This legislation would provide $5 billion to the construction and modernization of libraries across the country. Many of our libraries are in shared and repurposed spaces that aren’t up to the standards of modern-day use. Libraries could use this funding to tackle critical projects like expanded access for people with disabilities, upgrading broadband internet services and facility updates to make them more environmentally sustainable and improving protection against hazards such as lead, mold and COVID-19.

We’re asking you to step up for your library! It takes just a few moments to make your voice heard by contacting your representatives and senators and asking them to co-sponsor the Build America’s Libraries Act to secure future funding for the construction and renovation of libraries nationwide. Your support could help make an impact for America’s libraries and the communities they serve for generations to come.

Join us and Urge your Legislators to Build America’s Libraries!